Information Ovvveeerrllloooadddd

  1. Have you ever just felt so overloaded with digital information that you just… almost.. if not fully breakdown? well, if thats the case my good friends, you are not alone. 

  2. Fantastic! had me cracking up! please watch!
  3. This articles describes ways of overcoming this blain poppage of information… its all about ones ability to limits ones self to ensure that no explosion does occur.
  4. Web 2.0 Expo NY: Clay Shirky ( It’s Not Information Overload. It’s Filter Failure.
  5. Or one can just go on a Clay Johnson’s information diet. 
  6. Clay Shirky describes the problem as not being an information overload, but a filter failure. were we do no content curation!
  7. The Three S’s of Content Curation
  8. RSS is a good way to help keep p with topics of interest, just be sure not to subscribe to just one feed!
  9. RSS feeds ^^^^^
  10. One can start his own content curation source, by creating an online brand/networking etc and ensuring one finds the balance between creating and collecting information.
  11. If you were to end up starting your own site, use a search engine optimizer which helps makes your website known to modern search engines… this is actually a crucial part of web development 

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