Big Data

  1. As the world gets more and more… digital… as we rely more and more on the interwebs and the cloud, data only ever gets bigger and bigger.

    So what exactly is big data? The 3 V’s put it nicely, Volume, Velocity and Variety. There is large amounts of data that need to be analyzed quickly as there are different types. 
  2. This info-graphic sums it up nicely. It’s also quite daunting. 
  3. This video explains Big Data plain and simple. Very intriguing! 
  4. This is a fantastic TEDx talk by Jameson Toole, who brings up an excellent point about Big Data, and that is privacy and anonymity. 
  5. Social Media has been a big part in ‘fueling’ Big Data, and ones online identity plays a large role in this. In class an image was presented which i just have to share.
  6. This paper from 1995 describes the importance of anonymity on the Internet. 18 Years later I still believe its extremely important that ones personal information on everything he or she does must be protected. No one has the right to check out and take information from my Facebook page, my Soundcloud, my Instagram. Here is something that scares me, I am an avid redditor, On Reddit, people have main accounts, and ‘throwaway’ accounts so that people wont see certain stories on their main account… not everyone does this so sometimes, people will post a story on there main account then delete it. 
  7. This website allows you to view these deleted commets. This is scary! If someone deleted something off the internet… errr.. that is a fallacy, once its on the net. its on the net.
  8. Sorry Beyonce, your ‘unflattering’ photos shall be there forever… and once this got out, the memes just poured in. 
  9. Bill Gates did an AMA on Reddit the other day and posted this photo… if Bill cant do it, no one can.
  10. This leads into IP, Intellectual property. Here in Canada we have the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) which defines IP as “Legal rights that result from intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific, literary and artistic fields”
  11. Intellectual property is very important, yes, but what are the limits? In class this Ted talk was presented to us, and again I just have to share, as Kirby Ferguson said it perfectly.
  12. We, on earth, as humans, have always had a lovely saying, ‘Sharing is Caring’. and there is currently a big open source movement happening, on a variety of different things. 
  13. CC, or Creative Commons is an alternative to the corporate culture. This video explains it concisely. 
  14. Here is one of my own works under the CC licence. 
  15. The beauty in the Arduino open source electronics is astounding. What people are doing and creating, sharing, of all ages too! ‘Sharing is Caring’ creates so much knowledge to the world. And i honestly look forward to the future. 
  16. Another amazing example is littlebits! 
  17. With all this awesomeness of the internet, we unfortunately have to deal with Malware and cyber crime. Here is a quick video on the history of the disease that is Maaaalllwaaarrreeee.
  18. There are many types: Phishing, Spoofing, Cyber Stalking, Cyber Bullying, Spam, Identity Theft… just a whole bunch of evilness really. But thankfully there are certain things one can do to avoid this. Collusion, a Chrome extension can help a wee bit with this.
  19. After installing collusion myself and surfing the web a wee bit, here is what came up for me.
  20. so… much… spying…

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