Cloud Computing

  1. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend class last week, but looking at the availble documents for the online course, I was able to catch up.
  2. This video was shared on the online lecture, other than the horrible music, it gives a nice introduction to the world of Cloud Computing. After watching this pro Cloud Computing video, it got me thinking… what happens if a Cloud rains so to speak, if it just fails?
  3. Next video on the online lecture is Eli the Computer guy, who within the first five minutes… he answers my question. Good guy Eli. …. Oo Just had a Dejavu. 
  4. So essentially, if one the server fails, it will transfer your data to another cloud… i kiiiiiiinnnnnndddddaaaa dont believe him. or im not understanding what hes saying.
  5. This is my good friend, Steve, may he rest in peace, discussing and introducing the cloud 16 years ago. In 1997, he says he lost in the past 7 years, NO DATA. nothing.. this is back in 1990. what a boss. I still lose my work… 😥

  6. Discussion Question: Describe what you see as the personal or professional benefits or drawbacks that cloud computing offers you. Given these benefits and drawbacks, do you now think differently about cloud computing than you used to?  And would you recommend cloud computing solutions to others?

    The benefits are too obvious to state,access being the main one. I always thought the idea of Cloud Computing was fantastic, but just one thing. What happens when the power is out? or if not power, just your internet? I think its a wee drastic to say there is no need for hardware in terms of storing memory if the network is available  key word being IF. internet is down, and you don’t have the work you want saved on a physical drive, you might have.. no you will have issues.

  7. (Google Docs)
  8. All examples of internet access. I store/use google docs almost exclusively now when working on projects. I use Skype to communicate with my Boss in Germany. I use Dropbox to transfer and store large files, usually music related. And Prezi, good ol’ prezi. 
  9. Now to organize myself, for time management and completing tasks for my own work or group work I have found the best way. Make your life into a game. I implore all gamers to check out HabitRPG.
  10. Cloud it up peeps, and don’t be afraid to store things in a hardrive. 


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